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Factorymarket was commissioned by the MTH Retail Group to advise and support the group in all digital matters. The experience gained at Factorymarket as an independent company with three stores and its own app was to be used to start the digitalization process at Mäc Geiz.
During this time, I had been leading an international team of designers and was responsible for the conception and creation of the user interface design of the "Mäc-Geiz" app.

I later took over the project as a freelancer and continue to work with Mäc Geiz to quickly implement changes. 

My Role

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Prototyping

Used Applications

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2020 – 2021


For the time being, the app should be understood as a pure marketing app. Users should be encouraged to visit the store mainly through vouchers and marketing promotions.


Mäc Geiz's checkout system was not designed to run smoothly with a digital loyalty card. So we had to find a way to make the customer card and the vouchers quickly and easily accessible to the user.

Success Criteria

To call this app a success, app users should leave the store with a higher purchase value than non-app users. Also, users should visit the app at least weekly to be notified of new coupons.

The Solution


We focused on four main features to design an app that promises more value to the customer.

Special App Vouchers and Offers

Special coupons and weekly offers available only in the app.

Personal Bonus Card

Show your Personal Bonus Card and get points to unlock Vouchers.

Shopping List

Adding products to the shopping list to stop forgetting half the purchase.

Store Map

Find stores near you on the map or ordered as a list.
But not only these four features were implemented. We figured that a little gamification aspect would bring a little more fun to the app in order to create a happier customer. So we implemented a wheel of fortune to entice the user into the app every day.


Bonus Card
Shopping List
Store Map

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Feed & Loyalty

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Scan Barcode
Disable Voucher


Category Detail

Product Card

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Store Map

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Click & Reserve

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