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Factorymarket was commissioned by the MTH Retail Group to advise and support the group in all digital matters. The experience gained at Factorymarket as an independent company with three stores and its own app was to be used to start the digitalization process at Mäc Geiz.
During this time, I had been leading an international team of designers and was responsible for the conception and creation of the user interface design of the "Mäc-Geiz" app.

I later took over the project as a freelancer and continue to work with Mäc Geiz to quickly implement changes. 

My Role

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Prototyping

Used Applications

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2020 – 2021


Mäc-Geiz had a somewhat older target group. This was due to the fact that the company had not implented a new branding concept in recent years. On the one hand, this is good because it means that regular customers can be relied on, but on the other hand it has meant that the younger generation has passed the stores by. So Mäc-Geiz's main goal here was to make the brand more attractive again for a younger target group.


Mäc Geiz's checkout system was not designed to run smoothly with a digital loyalty card. So we had to find a way to make the customer card and the vouchers quickly and easily accessible to the user.

Success Criteria

To call this app a success, app users should leave the store with a higher purchase value than non-app users. Also, users should visit the app at least weekly to be notified of new coupons.

Interviews and Research

On different days of the week, we visited different Mäc-Geiz stores to conduct interviews with customers. We also interviewed cashiers and store managers. The technical support team was able to gather important data on the abandonment rate and unrecognized user flows. From this research and further quantitative research, we were able to derive 4 personas. Customers primarily cited price as the main reason to go to the store. But we also found out that Mäc-Geiz has a large network of regular customers who are willing to tell family members or friends about offers or experiences in the store and no longer look so closely at prices because they already trust Mäc-Geiz very much.

Site map

From here, I was able to decide which actions and features were important and beneficial, and designed a site map based on those conclusions.

Creating wirefames

I sketched out possible solutions on paper for the main screens before committing to high fidelity designs. This allowed me to prototype different layouts rather than focusing on design details.
Later, I translated the best performing ones to digital to get even better test results.

Final Product

Based on the user research, analysis and testing, I created the UI design.

Main Features

Redeem Vouchers

The user has the possibility to collect points through a loyalty program and exchange them for products in the store.

Coupons - very simple!

The user can easily activate the coupons and redeem them with a scan of the app loyalty card.

Wheel of Furtune

We found that users visit the app more often when they are encouraged to do so, so we included a wheel of fortune.


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