Founded in 1940 as "Donau-Molkerei Produkte Onken & Co. KG", Onken can look back on a long time rich in tradition. With classics such as "Onkiss", the first quark-filled chocolate from the refrigerated shelf, "Frufoo", a children's product with integrated toys, or "Der große Onken mit Vollkorn" (The Big Onken with Whole Grain), the brand has enjoyed a high level of recognition for decades.

My Role

  • UI Design
  • Prototype
  • Animated Banners

Used Applications




In the course of the introduction of new cup designs and associated design and concept changes, a new website was to be created at onken.de. Since the cup designs were still being developed and the lead time (including concept, voting rounds and development) was very tight and the new website was to go live on 1.6.2017, development was agreed in two stages.
    Stage 1
    • Integration of the existing additional varieties
    • Integration of cooperating bloggers
    • Call to action for a competitions micro side
    Stage 2
    • Cookbook